Talc powder making plant
Grinding plant, crushing plant for Talc powder production plant

talc powder grinding plant

Talc Powder Making Plant for Sale

Ball mill, raymond mill, trapezium mill, ultrafine mill for ultrafine talc powder grinding solutions.

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Features & Advantages:

  • High quality grinding equipment;
  • Installation Services & Automation & Instrumentation service;
  • Spare parts and consumables parts support;
  • Ultrafine powder ( 3000 mesh or 5 micro ) .

talc extraction and processing plant

The usually extraction and processing of talc is: mining- crushing- washing - sorting - analysis - milling - analysis – packing.

Most talc deposits are open pit mine. Talc rock is mined by giant shovels. The different ore types are sorted as they are extracted from the seam. The large talc rocks will be fed into crushing plant for small particles. Then the talc ores will be sorted according to their talc content and brightness. In order To obtain just the right particle size distribution curve and top cut for a given application, the techniques used include compressed air, steam and impact crusher,grinding mill, vertical mill, roller mill. Median particle sizes can range from less than 1 micron to 15 microns, and top cuts from 6 microns to over 100 microns.

When these processes are over, Certain grades of ground talc powder are treated, e.g. amine-coated talc for fertilizers, silane-coated talc for the rubber industry and cationic talc for pitch control in papermaking. For the cosmetics and pharmaceuticals industries, talc is heat-treated to decontaminate them.

Talc powder grinding mill:

From the mines, the talc ore is brought to our grinding units and stored in well-managed ore-yards. The ore is washed and dried to eliminate any unwanted material adhering to it. To maintain high quality and consistency in the end-product, the ore is again dressed and sorted by experienced and skilled manpower.

Talc is a natural mineral and requires constant vigilance and pre-processing to produce an uniform end-product. Ore received from mines is analyzed for whiteness and important elements of chemical composition from time to time. Thereafter, the ore is blended to achieve the exact desired properties.

The blended ore is then ground to the desired particle size distribution.

SBM can supply all kinds grinding mill for the clients. Our grinding mills consist by ball mill, Raymond mill, vertical mill, trapezium mill, coarse powder mill, ultrafine mill. The final grain size of our grinding mill can be down to 2500 mesh.

What our customers say:

" Jaw crusher , hammer crusher, ball mill and LM series vertical mill from SBM Machinery is good at talc powder grinding solutions. " ---- India Customer

What is talc:

After the ore is mined it is then washed to remove Mud, dirt, foreign particles and other impurities. The material is then naturally dried under the sun light.

After drying it is dressed and sorted depending on whiteness and other parameters. It is then analyzed after which it is transported to the milling works.

After milling the end product is once again analyzed to ensure it meets the desired specifications . With this process of double analysis we have successfully managed to ensure consistent quality from Batch to Batch .

Talc powder is widely used in agriculture and food, ceramics, coating, paper, personal care, plastic, rubber, wastewater treatment industries.

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