Graphite powder making plant
Grinding plant, crushing plant for graphite powder production plant

graphite powder grinding plant

Graphite Powder Making Plant

Ball mill, raymond mill, trapezium mill, ultrafine mill for ultrafine graphite powder grinding solutions.

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Features & Advantages:

  • High quality grinding equipment;
  • Installation Services & Automation & Instrumentation service;
  • Spare parts and consumables parts support;
  • Ultrafine powder ( 3000 mesh or 5 micro ) .

Graphite powder processing plant:

As graphite powder plays an important role in many industries, such as lubricants, refractory material, conducting material, LGM, etc. Graphite powder grinding mill is important grinding equipment for graphite powder making.

SBM grinding mill for graphite powder contains ball mill, Raymond mill, trapezium ill, ultrafine mill and so on. The final grain size of SBM graphite grinding mill can be down to 2500 mesh.

The grinding mill is widely used in graphite processing plant all over the world such as Ceylon, Malagasy , Mexico, West Germany, North & South Korea . SBM graphite powder grinding mill features high crushing production, low maintenance, low energy consumption, easy to operate and so on.

Graphite mining and treatment:

Graphite is a natural floater. It does not require a collector and flotation has become the accepted method of beneficiation of graphite.

Flake graphite from disseminated deposits is to be difficult to concentrate. A number of secret processes have been evolved by different countries and firms. It has been found difficult to recover refined graphite from rough concentrates. This difficulty is due to the fact that fine grinding is not allowed in case of flake graphite, because by resorting to this process there is every chance of reducing the grain size of the flake. During the process of grinding there are chances of flakes being cut by quartz and other gangue materials. It reduces the size and also lowers the price and value of the graphite. Graphite required for crucible manufacture must be 8 to 60 mesh.

What our customers say:

" Ball mill and LM series vertical mill from SBM Machinery is good at graphite grinding solutions. " ---- India Customer

What is graphite:

All grades of graphite, especially high grade amorphous and crystalline graphite having collodial property i.e. remaining in suspension in oil, are used as lubricants.

Natural graphite occurs in many parts of the world in fair abundance and it has been used for ages in various applications. A dozen countries hold the key position in graphite production. In tonnage, South Korea is the largest producer in the world followed by Austria.

GRAPHITE is a form of elemental carbon. Graphite is of metamorphic origin and usually found as veins, lenses, pockets and as thin laminae disseminated in the gneisses, schists and phyllites. Depending upon the mode of occurrence and origin, it is graded into three forms: Flake , Crystalline (lumpy), Cryptocrystalline (amorphous).

Graphite is found in almost every country. Plentiful reserves, however, are possessed the following countries: Ceylon, Malagasy , Mexico, West Germany, North & South Korea.

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