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Crushing, screening and grinding equipment for gold ore mining & processinging plant

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Gold ore crushing & grinding plant for sale

A fleet of crushing, screening, grinding equipment is used to process large scale ROM gold ore for refining gold ore powder at low costs.

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Features & Advantages:

  • High quality dressing equipment;
  • Installation Services & Automation & Instrumentation service;
  • Spare parts and consumables parts support.

Gold ore crushing:

When the mined gold ore is loaded to the storage areas, the gold ore crushing process will begin. ROM gold ore is crushed because the leaching process recovers mostly surface gold, and crushing process can maximizes the surface area of the gold ore for greater gold recovery.

Firstly, the gold ore is loaded into the primary crusher for initial sizing. SBM PE heavy duty jaw crusher can break the rock down to 300 mm or smaller, then the secondary crusher like PEW small jaw crusher, PF and PFW impact crusher will reduce the gold rocks down to 35mm, the fineness crusher like cone crusher will break the rock into 6-inch in diameter.

Conveyor belts take the broken ore to the screening plant, which runs the ore through vibrating screens to size the material. The optimum size is ¾ inch diameter pieces. Oversized rock is sent via conveyor to the secondary crushers. Secondary crushing consists of impact crusher and cone-crushing circuits.

When crushed to ¾ inch diameter or smaller, lime is added to the ore to increase the effectiveness of the process solution by raising the pH. The ore is then conveyed to the load out bin. Trucks drive under the load out bin to be filled with crushed ore for delivery to the valley leach facility.

Gold ore grinding:

At the leach facility, gold ore grinding mill is needed to increase the surface area of the gold ore. SBM ball mill, Raymond mill, trapezium mill is the best grinding mill to grind the gold ore in fine powder. The grinding mill can grind the gold ore down to 0.1mm.

Gold ore processing:

  1. Gold rock is removed from the mine. Rock containing gold ore, is hauled to the crushing facility.
  2. Gold ore is processed at the crushing and screening facility, then will be hauled to the leach facility.
  3. The gold ore is recovered from the process solution with a carbon adsorption process. The final produce is a gold and silver button called Dore.

What our customers say:

" We take stationary crushing equipment for large scale gold ore processing . " ---- India Customer

Gold ore mining

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