Aggregate recycling plant

aggregate crushing plant

Aggregate recycling plant application

Aggregate recycling plant is used for recycling construction debris and asphalt and concrete debris to produce building aggregates.

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aggregate is hard materials such as sand, gravel, and crushed stone, used for mixing with cementing or bituminous material to form concrete, mortar, or asphalt, or used alone as in railroad ballast, road base, landscaping rock, or graded fill.

Aggregate recycling description

Much of the infrastructure in the United States, particularly older roads, bridges and buildings, is in need of repair or replacement. Demolishing roads and buildings generates large quantities of waste as asphalt and concrete, and much of this material can be recycled. Even old railroad ballast can be reused.  Today, used asphalt pavement and concrete yield more than 200 million tons (180 metric tons) per year of recycled aggregate. Recycling saves huge amounts of space in landfills and allows natural aggregate to be used in applications that require higher quality.

Asphalt and concrete-bound aggregate recycling

The decreasing availability of landfill space, tipping fees, which are the costs of depositing material in landfills, and environmental concerns have worked to stimulate the recycling of asphalt- and concrete-bound aggregate. There are two approaches to recycling aggregate - hauling the concrete or asphalt debris to the nearest permanent recycling facility for crushing  and screening, or removing and processing the debris at the demolition site, where  the aggregate is reused as soon as it is processed (Fig. 35). Recycling at the demolition site reduces heavy materials hauling, thereby reducing energy use, transportation costs, and wear and tear on roads and equipment.

Asphalt paving materials recovered from demolished or refurbished roads are valuable for the asphalt binder as well as the aggregate. More than 100 million tons (90 metric tons) per year of worn-out asphalt pavement is recovered. Similarly, about 100 million tons (90 metric tons)  per year of concrete is recycled into  usable aggregate.

Some construction material is recycled at the demolition site using portable equipment.  SBM can offer the mobile crushing plant for aggregate recycling project, including mobile jaw crusher, mobile impact crusher, mobile cone crusher and track-mounted mobile crusher.

Aggregate plant

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