Christchurch Company Make World's Biggest Cone Crusher

Friday, 13 August 2010, 12:15 pm
Press Release: Screening and Crushing Solutions
Christchurch Company Manufacture Worlds Biggest Ever Mobile Cone-Crusher

Christchurch mining and quarrying equipment specialists, Screening and Crushing Solutions (SCS), has manufactured the world’s largest-ever mobile cone crusher.

The 140 tonne track-mounted monster weighs more than 100 Toyota Corollas and more than that of a fully laden Boeing 737. It is capable of filling the equivalent of an Olympic size swimming pool with crushed rock every 4 hours.

Called a cone crusher because rock is crushed by a gyrating cone inside a cylinder, the TC 1885, is destined for the mining industry in Australia and is already creating interest from potential customers around the world.

The machine was officially commissioned in Christchurch recently by the Minister of Energy and Economic Development, Hon Gerry Brownlee.

“It is extremely encouraging to see a product like this being produced here in New Zealand. It’s not every day you get an end product with such a high end-value destined for export into such a heavy-duty industry,” he said.

“The IP resides here in the country and the quality of the workmanship is leading edge. These factors, combined with the ability to work OEM components into a world-class product is outstanding.

“It is a demonstration that manufacturing in New Zealand is alive and well and can prosper here in New Zealand.”

CEO of Brightwater Group (which owns SCS), Warren Arthur, says the size of the machine will enable it to produce around 1000 tonnes of crushed rock per hour. “In the crushing industry big is usually better. The potential volume of throughput from this machine is huge. This capacity, combined with its mobility, is what gives the TC1885 its edge.

“A mobile crushing unit can be placed right at the rock face where it is needed,” explained Arthur. “The TC 1885 can be moved around a mining operation depending where it is needed the most. This can help eliminate costly double-handling of material.

“Processing at the rock-face will save mining companies a great deal of money on fuel and equipment costs and significantly lower the cost of production per tonne of rock.”

Warren Arthur says the TC 1885 is the culmination of years of research and development in crushing technology. “SCS has been making cone crushers for the Australasian market for the last fifteen years,” he said. “The knowledge we have gained over this time has allowed us to think much bigger with this machine. Our design team spent a great deal of time making sure that the machine is capable of harnessing the enormous stresses involved with such a large cone.

The TC1885 is powered by a 27 litre 880 HP, twin turbo, V12 engine that produces more power than a Formula 1 racing car. It contains over 5 tonnes of liquid when fully fuelled and all hydraulic systems charged The crushing cone of the unit weighs 65 tonnes on its own.

The export potential for the monster machine is large, as the global mining industry looks for increased efficiency and greater production. “The mining industry is looking for ways of consolidating production costs while still increasing production capability to satisfy expected future demand,” said Arthur. “The TC1885 shows just what can be achieved here in New Zealand, we have the expertise and the talent to produce equipment of the highest global standard.”

The TC1885 was manufactured at SCS’s production facility near Christchurch airport. Warren Arthur estimates the turnaround time to produce each TC1885 will be four months. “The hard work has now been done, the research and development, now we will be looking to make a big impact on the Australian and Global marketplace with this machine.”

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